It started out with a simple idea. Create unique, original apparel that focused on Chicago’s past and present. The first brainstorming session came at my old Wrigleyville apartment with my boyfriend while discussing the lack of creativity behind the numerous shirts sold outside of the Friendly Confines. His background is in graphic design, mine writing and internet marketing. With the support of his father (and his father’s screenprinting shop) we launched Chitown Clothing in 2010 with 8 products and a small inventory in my closet.

Over the next several months, our “hobby” took off and we began devoting more and more time to designs celebrating our great city. As our business grew, so did our relationship – we got engaged in November 2010.

engagement - 6-13-12

Over the next year and a half, the two of us worked tirelessly on bringing unique Chicago designs to you guys, as well as planning our wedding.  The favors? T-shirts of course!

Chitown Clothing continues to evolve with new designs, organization and packaging.

shirts - 6-13-12
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